Welcome to CarJustify

Hi, I’m Tanveer, the founder and owner of CarJustify. While I have more than 30 years of automotive experience I am working hard on car dashboards and fault codes. The site is about fixing dashboard warnings and diagnostic codes.

Why I created this website

First Day of Toyota hybrid Rav 4 XLE 2020
Tour with Toyota hybrid Rav 4 XLE 2020

Ever had a weird warning light on your car dashboard and wondered what to do? I get it.

Once, driving my 2020 Toyota Hybrid RAV4 XLE, a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark appeared. No idea, so I pulled over and checked the manual. It was a hybrid system warning light, and the manual said to go to a dealer right away.

Feeling worried and lost, I hit the internet for more info. But all I got was unclear explanations, conflicting advice, and sketchy solutions. Some sites even said I could just ignore the light or reset it by disconnecting the battery. Not cool. I didn’t trust any of that and didn’t want to mess up my car or put myself in danger.

So, I took charge. Called up a friend who’s a mechanic, and he broke down what the warning light meant and how to fix it. He also shared that there are tons of different warning lights and fault codes for different cars, and most folks don’t really get them.

That’s when it hit me – there’s a big need for a reliable website that gives clear and accurate info on car dashboard warnings and diagnostic codes. And that’s how CarJustify came to life.

I also have a YouTube channel with the same name, CarJustify, where I post videos to help people fix their dash warning lights. You can check it out here.

What this website offers

CarJustify is where I share useful car tips and tricks learned from experience and fellow car enthusiasts. Here are 3 plus 1 things this website is offering right now:

  1. Car Dashboard Guide: Get to know the dashboard warning lights and diagnostic codes for every car brand and model. Discover what each light or code means, what causes it, its consequences, and how to fix it. Plus, pick-up tips on preventing common car issues and keeping your ride in top-notch condition.
  2. Newsletter Goodies: Subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates on the latest car news, trends, tips, and tricks. And hey, you’ll also snag exclusive deals and giveaways from our partners.
  3. Coming Soon: Mobile App: We’re cooking up a mobile app so you can access all our cool features on your smartphone or tablet. Picture this: scan your car dashboard with the app and get instant info and advice on any warning light or fault code. Need a car expert? The app’s got you covered by connecting you with nearby pros who can help you out.

Oh, and I’ve got big plans to add a support chat feature soon, so you can get instant help and have a smooth experience.

How I am working to build this site

I have decent knowledge about car dashboard, especially those with warning alerts or messages.

But I don’t claim to know everything. For some troubleshooting, I try to reach other mechanics who have the expertise.

Another way is to directly talk to someone who faced an error and fix it somehow. If you check the site, you will see a lot of articles that provide solutions with no expense at all. I got the solutions from real people who fixed it themselves.

And, I use different tools and techniques to figure out and fix car issues. I rely on stuff like OBD scanners, multimeters, wiring diagrams, and service manuals. Plus, I stay in the loop with the newest trends and innovations in the car world.

What’s next

Beyond running this site and my YouTube channel, I love driving, traveling, and hanging out with my awesome family – a wonderful wife and three adorable kids who cheer me on.

Explore the site for handy info on car dashboard warnings. Don’t miss our monthly newsletter for advanced tips to keep your car dash glitch-free. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Got questions or ideas? Reach out anytime. I’m here to assist with your car stuff.

Thanks for stopping by CarJustify. Come back soon!

Happy driving! 😊