The Role of “Cruise Main” in Car | How to turn it off?

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The cruise main light lights on when you turn on/off the cruise control button. It tells you that the cruise control is on but has yet to be active. That means you have to use and navigate the control panel to adjust the cruise speed.

The cruise main is basically a button that is used to activate or deactivate the cruise speed. It is useful to drive on a highway since it allows you to maintain a constant speed without pushing the pedal.

So do not worry when you see the light on the dashboard. If you see it for the first time and press the button unintentionally, simply turn it off again. The cruise speed has not been set up yet.

Why is my cruise main light on?

cruise main light on

You have pressed the cruise control button – either willingly or accidentally. That is why your cruise main light is on. But if the cruise main light won’t turn off even after you turn off the system or deactivate it, chances are high that the problem is with the speed control assembly.

You will experience such problems mostly for communication disruption in the computer or malfunctioning fuse. Replace the speed control assembly if the problem is with the communication. Also, check and replace the fuse if necessary. The cruise control fuse location is under the dashboard of your driving side. Look at the manual if you don’t find any. 

How to turn off cruise main light

Follow the steps below to turn off the light on all the models, including Civic, Accord, CRV, HRV, Pilot, Odyssey, and others.

Step 1: Find the cruise control button

If you turn on the cruise main light intentionally, you know the location. But if you have done it accidentally, find the ‘cancel/off’ button. The location of the Honda HRV Cruise Control button is on the right side of the steering wheel. And it should be the same for other brands such as Toyota, Mercedes, and others. Check the manual if you don’t find the button or if the button has no label.

Step 2: Press the button

Once you find the button, simply press it, and you are done. Yes, it is as simple as this.

Alternate option

  • There is a master cruise control button. You push the main button to turn on the cruise main. Simply press the button, and it should turn off the light.
  • You can also try to tap the brake to turn off the light. However, this function is only suitable for some cars.

Should you turn off the light?

Well, the cruise main light turns on to let you activate the cruise speed and other driving stuff such as ACC or lane watch. If you don’t want to activate such options and don’t like the light on the dash, you should turn it off.

But cruise speed is an amazing functionality of a car. Drivers are well aware of this function. If you want to enjoy that freedom, it is better to keep it on, especially when you are driving on highways.

When to turn on the cruise speed?

You should turn on the cruise speed only when the weather is good, and the highway is open. Improper use of cruise speed can lead to a massive crash. So be careful.

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