Honda A2 Service? Authentic Checklists and Costs

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I have created an accurate checklist for the Honda A2 service. You will get the specific service information that needs to be done with cost and additional information that is truly necessary.

A2 service warning can pop up in three different formats:

“Service due soon A2”
“Maintenance due soon A2”

All of them are the same.

Honda A2 Service

What does this mean?

This warning message appears when the car requires any certain maintenance. This is a built-in system and you can not skip it (you should not think about skipping it).

Maintenance service code A2 combines 2 codes: “A” and “2”.

“A” is the main code here, which is changing the oil filter, and “2” is the sub-code for replacing the air cleaner element, replacing the dust and pollen filter, and Inspecting the drive belt.

You can get this from your owner manual too.

Honda A2 Service Checklist

As said earlier, there are two parts to A2 Service. Here they are in two separate sections:

Service included in Service A?

  • Replace engine oil: Start doing the Honda A2 service by replacing the engine oil. The engine oil change is essential even if the maintenance warning does not appear after 12 months after the display is reset. In simple, change the engine oil every single year no matter what. Match the oil grade with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Service Specific for A2

  1. Replace the air cleaner element: Whether the current air cleaner element looks good or bad just change it. The frequency of changing this usually varies based on the driving condition. Under normal driving conditions, replace the air cleaner element by following the dash light. But, if you frequently drive in dusty conditions, do not wait for the dash warning. Instead, replace it every 15,000 miles.
  2. Replace the dust and pollen filter: Replace the dust and pollen filter, also known as the cabin air filter. But it should be replaced every 15,000 miles (24,000 km) if you drive in urban areas with high concentrations of soot or pollutants.
  3. Inspect the drive belt: This process is simple. Inspect the belt for signs of wear like tiny cracks, fraying edges, and glossy glazing. Also, look for any signs of oil or other fluid contamination, which can deteriorate the belt prematurely. The belt should have some flexibility, but not too much. All pulleys should align properly. If your vehicle has an automatic tensioner, make sure it’s working within the correct range.

Honda A2 Service Cost

For Honda maintenance that includes part replacements, costs can exceed those for simple inspections. Owners with mechanical skills sometimes prefer to handle these easy tasks themselves to reduce expenses.

Opting for a professional service means paying for parts, labor, and any necessary checks. In difference, a DIY approach only involves the cost of parts.

A service like the Honda A2 at a dealership may typically cost $200, though this can change based on the place where you take your car.

It’s savvy to compare service quotes from different dealerships to find the best offer. If you’re technically inclined, consider doing the maintenance work yourself to save money.

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