Honda Maintenance Code A127 | Checklists and Cost

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honda maintenance code a127

Honda’s “Maintenance Due Soon” warning light popping up means there’s a due service that needs to be done ASAP. Honda provides specific codes to tell you what kind of service is needed. Look for service codes like A and B and sub-codes from 1 to 7.

What is Code A127 On a Honda?

Service code A

  • Replace engine oil

Sub-code 127

  • Tire rotation is needed.
  • Check and, if needed, replace the air cleaner element, drive belt, dust filter, and pollen filter.
  • Replace brake fluid.

Replace Engine Oil

Change the engine oil every year even if there’s no service message appearing on the dashboard. Check the oil filter also and change that if necessary.

Rotate tires

Inspect each tire very carefully check the pressure and other things and finally do the rotations. I have attached a sample picture of tire rotation.

  • Visual Inspection for Damage
  • Air Pressure Check
  • Tread Depth Check

Air cleaner, Driver belt, Dust filter, Pollen filter

“Check and, if needed, replace” means to visually inspect each component for signs of damage, wear, or clogging. If any look compromised, replace them with new ones to keep the performance stable and protect your engine and cabin air quality.

Replace brake fluid.

Generally Brake fluid needs to change every 2-3 years.

Because it easily soaks up moisture from the air around it, it can cause problems for the brake system. This moisture absorption can harm the brakes in different ways.

If you think about skipping this part then it may be “okay” sometimes for a short term. In that case, be nice and do not reset subcode “7”.

Honda A127 Service Cost

You can expect around $500 for this service.

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