I Figured out How to Turn off the “Service RSC Now” on the Ford

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The “Service RSC Now” is a common dashboard warning on Ford vehicles. Sometimes it can appear along with the ABS light.

Honestly, there are plenty of reasons that can activate this warning. I tried my best to discuss about all of them.

What is RSC on the car?

service rsc now

“RSC stands for Roll Stability Control. The system works with the ABS to prevent rolls, skids, or slides if the car loses control. It applies braking power to the over-spinning wheel and lowers the speed. It also reduces engine power to regain control.

The ‘Service RSC Now’ Warning may affect Ford Explorer vehicles due to various factors, causing warning lights and alarms. These problems usually relate to issues with components like wheel bearings, ABS modules or sensors, especially wheel speed sensor.”

You can use a scanner to find specific issues that causing this error. make sure the scanner is top quality as low quality is often unable to detect the actual code.

How to Fix “Service Rsc Now” on Ford

I strongly suggest you try some basic fixing first before taking your car to the dealership. Whatever the reasons are, most mechanics will convince you to spend a lot of money.

So here is a list of possible ways that fix the Service RSC Now warning light.

1. Check the gas cap and fuel door.

This is silly but trust me, sometimes if the gas cap is missing or the fuel door is open then the light will come on. Before taking your car to the mechanic, do some basic checks first.

2. Check the brake fluid level

Then check the brake fluid level. If you find it low then refill and check if the warning went away. It is also another basic check.

3. Check Battery and Connections

You know what, the most common reason for triggering any dashboard warning is always related to the battery.

So first, disconnect your car’s battery for about 10 minutes. This might reset the system and make the warning message go away.

If the warning still showing then check your battery health. You may have to replace it if it is too weak.

And make sure the battery connections are clean, tight, and not covered in gunk. This is also important.

4. Check the alternator

In this case, the alternator is not directly your enemy. But if the alternator somehow damaged or not working properly then it won’t be able to charge the battery sufficiently. This is when the warning could pop up.

So check the alternator after trying the above 3 methods. Get a new alternator if the current one is not working properly.

5. Faulty wheel bearing

The wheel bearing is directly related to the RSC warning and ABS module.

This means that worn or damaged wheel bearings can indeed trigger RSC problems in your vehicle.

If the RSC issue is related to bearing problems, it is necessary to replace the worn bearings or the entire hub assembly.

In terms of cost, the average wheel bearing replacement cost is around $350 per wheel.

6. Wheel Speed Sensor Issues

Wheel speed sensors detect how fast each wheel is moving and tell your car’s computer.

If the sensor is not working properly, it can make things like brakes and stability control act up, and warning lights might pop up in your car.

One problem is when dirt or rust blocks the sensor. It can’t tell the wheel’s speed, right?

So, clean the sensor, and remove the dirt. If it’s terrible, you might need a new sensor.

Another issue can be wires or connectors getting damaged. This can happen from stuff on the road, wear and tear, or accidents. Broken cables can make the car’s safety systems act weird. Check these parts regularly and fix any damage you see.

After cleaning or replacing the sensor, make sure you reset the system. I have mentioned earlier how to reset it.

7. Faulty ABS sensor or module

Just like wheel speed sensors, a faulty ABS sensor can also activate the “Service RSC Now” warning light.

At first, hold the abs button for around a minute. if it goes away then you are lucky.

Then check your ABS sensor and look for any loose connections. Replace it if any fault is found.

If the above method doesn’t work then you may have to replace the entire ABS module and re-program it.

But replacing the ABS module is expensive.

So, before jumping to an ABS module replacement, I recommend trying other potential solutions. I have discussed the most common reasons at the beginning so try them first.

How to Reset “Service RSC Now” Dashboard Warning

If the warning light coming just because of any software glitch or something then resetting it will help. Here are 2 ways to reset service RSC now.

1. By Stability Control Button

If your car shows a ‘Service RSC Now’ message, check your user manual. There you will get this simple fix: 

There’s a button that looks like a car slider, Hold down the middle button (stability control) for about 5 seconds or a few minutes. This method turns off the warning light and limits the car speeds to under 30 mph. Your ride might be a bit slow, but it’s worth it.

Sometimes, this can reset the system and make the warning light go away. 

But remember, it might only work sometimes.

If you can’t find your manual, search online for a PDF of your model’s manual and look for ‘RSC’ in it. In my manual, it’s on page 270.

RSC Button Function
RSC Button Functionality in Ford User manual

2. With ECM and PCM Fuse Reset

This method is applicable when you see “Service RSC Now” and “ABS” both lights together.

There are some fuses for the ECM and PCM. you have to reset them.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find your car’s fuse box. It’s usually under the dashboard or in the engine area.
  2. Once you locate it, find the fuses for the ECM and PCM.
  3. Take those fuses out for about 30 seconds.
  4. Put them back in. This resets things.

Resetting these fuses can sometimes get rid of warning lights on the dashboard.

When doing this, I advise having a look at those fuses closely to check if there are any blown fuses available. You might need to replace the blown fuses. I have seen a lot of warning lights pop up just because of fuse issues.

Is it Safe to drive with service RSC now warning light?

It is safe to drive with the service RSC now warning light as long as you are on normal roads with good weather conditions. But it is not safe when you are driving in slippery conditions or adverse weather.

Because you will not have enough control when taking aggressive turns, or driving in slippery, icy, snowy, or rainy conditions.

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