Mercedes B4 Service? To Do List Explained

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Mercedes B4 service

When the B4 service warning light appears in your Mercedes-Benz, it’s a reminder for a scheduled B4 maintenance service, an essential routine check to sustain your vehicle’s performance. Prompt attention to the B4 service is necessary to maintaining reliability.

What is B4 service in Mercedes Benz?

A Mercedes B4 service incorporates the essential elements of a standard Service B. This encompasses routine tasks like changing the engine oil and oil filter, examining fluid levels, inspecting tires and brake components, replacing the cabin air filter, conducting a brake flush, renewing brake fluid, and resetting the service indicator. In Addition, with the specific designation of “4,” the B4 service introduces the maintenance of the air filter, spark plug and sunroof. This means addressing the air filter’s condition and efficiency, as well as performing a detailed cleaning and lubrication of the sunroof. Essentially, a B4 service ensures a thorough inspection and upkeep of crucial vehicle components, extending beyond the basic Service B requirements.

What included in Mercedes B4 service?

At first glance, it may seem a bit involved, but don’t be overwhelmed—you’ll catch on. This B4 service includes the regular B service, with an added three tasks for B4. Stick around as we explore each task in detail.

1. Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter

The B4 service begins with a vital oil change, providing your engine with fresh, high-quality oil. Simultaneously, the oil filter is replaced, ensuring optimal lubrication and engine health.

2. Check Fluid Levels

A Routine check and precise adjustment of essential fluids, including brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and washer fluid, are conducted. Topping off these fluids guarantees optimal performance and extends the lifespan of critical systems.

3. Check Tire Inflation

Each tire undergoes a thorough inspection for wear and tear. And, tire pressure is adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications, promoting even tire wear and enhancing overall handling.

4. Brake Components Inspection

A detailed examination of brake components, encompassing pads, discs, and rotors, is performed. This rigorous inspection ensures the braking system’s integrity, providing confidence in its reliable and safe stopping power.

5. Replace Cabin Air Filter

The B4 service includes the replacement of the cabin air filter. This vital component contributes to maintaining clean and allergen-free air inside your vehicle, fostering a healthier driving environment.

6. Brake Flush and Fluid Renewal

Brake fluid undergoes a complete flush and renewal during the B4 service. This essential step contributes to optimal braking performance, guaranteeing efficient and reliable stops when needed.

7. Service Indicator Reset

Upon completing the B4 service, the service indicator is reset. This not only acknowledges the successful service but also serves as a helpful reminder for the next scheduled maintenance.

B4 Specific Tasks

8. Air Filter Service

The B4 service involves a comprehensive service for the air filter. Ensuring it operates at peak efficiency contributes to better engine performance and fuel efficiency.

9. Spark Plug Service

A specialized task in the B4 service is the inspection and potential replacement of spark plugs. This contributes significantly to optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.

10. Sunroof Care

Thorough cleaning and lubrication of the sunroof are part of the B4 service. This specific service make sure the sunroof operates seamlessly, adding to the overall driving pleasure.

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