Mercedes-Benz B9 Service Explained With Checklists and Costs

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mercedes b9 service

If you see the B9 service warning light in your Mercedes-Benz, it means your car needs a detailed B9 service. This thorough check is important to keep your luxury vehicle in great condition. Responding promptly to the B9 service helps maintain lasting performance and reliability.

What does mercedes b9 service Mean?

The B9 service for a Mercedes is more than just the usual maintenance of a regular Service B. It includes the typical checks for the engine, fluids, tires, brakes, cabin air, and brake fluid. What makes it special is the emphasis on the transmission system. The ‘9’ means that, along with the regular checks, the service involves changing the transmission oil, replacing the transmission filter, and renewing the brake fluid.

What is included in a Mercedes B9 service?

Initially, it might feel a bit intricate, but rest assured, you’ll soon find it routine. It involves the standard B service, plus three extra tasks for B9.

1. Change Engine Oil and Oil Filter

Start with a fresh supply of high-quality oil for your engine, ensuring optimal lubrication and longevity. The oil filter is replaced to maintain peak engine health.

2. Check All Fluid Levels

A thorough check and precise adjustment of essential fluids, including brake fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, and washer fluid, are performed. This guarantees optimal performance and extends the lifespan of critical systems.

3. Check Tire Inspection and Inflation

We carefully check each tire for signs of wear and damage. We make sure the tire pressure is just right, following the recommendations from the manufacturer. This helps the tires wear evenly and improves how the vehicle handles.

4. Brake Components Inspection

A detailed examination of brake components, including pads, discs, and rotors, is conducted. This ensures the braking system’s integrity, providing confidence in its reliable and safe stopping power.

5. Replace Cabin Air Filter

The B9 service includes the replacement of the cabin air filter. This essential component contributes to maintaining clean and allergen-free air inside your vehicle, creating a healthier driving environment.

6. Brake Flush and Fluid Renewal

Brake fluid undergoes a complete flush and renewal during the B9 service. This essential step contributes to optimal braking performance, ensuring efficient and reliable stops when needed.

7. Service Indicator Reset

Upon completing the B service, the service indicator is reset, acknowledging the successful service and providing a helpful reminder for the next scheduled maintenance.

B9 Service Specifics

Brake Fluid Replacement

Specific attention is given to the brake fluid, with a complete replacement for peak braking performance and overall safety on the road.

Change Transmission Fluid and Filter

The B9 service involves the replacement of transmission fluid and filter, ensuring smooth gear shifts and optimal transmission performance. This contributes to the overall health and longevity of your vehicle’s transmission system.

Cost of mercedes b9 service

The Mercedes B9 service combines a regular B service with three additional tasks. The overall cost usually falls between $500 and $800, covering all necessary maintenance. To get an exact price, it’s recommended to consult your Mercedes dealership or a reliable mechanic.

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