4 Proven Fix to “Oil Pressure Low Stop Engine” Warning Light.

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Oil Pressure Low Stop Engine
Oil Pressure Low Stop Engine

Did your car ever flash the “Low Oil Pressure – Engine Stop” warning at you? Don’t think it’s just about low oil, as it can pop up even if your oil level is full.

The causes are all tied to the oil system.

In the next part, I’ll share how to solve this problem, point out oil filter brands to skip, and explain the right way to do a motor flush, which is a potential solution. These steps are all about tackling this warning light.

I’ll also talk about whether it’s okay to keep driving when this warning light shows up often.

How to Fix “Oil Pressure Low Stop Engine” Warning

4 Way to Fix "Oil Pressure Low Stop Engine" Message
4 Way to Fix “Oil Pressure Low Stop Engine” Message

Before moving to any hardware parts, use an OBD-II scanner to check for any error codes. When you get the error code it’ll be easy to solve the problem by following that specific code. But there are 4 things to do to fix this warning.

1. Replace the Oil Pressure Switch Sensor and Filter

If you experience a “low oil pressure” warning light, the first step is to replace the oil pressure switch sensor and the filter beneath it.

If this filter is clogged, the sensor won’t read the oil pressure correctly.

Therefore, replacing both the sensor and the filter can confirm an accurate reading of the oil pressure.

Oil Pressure Switch Sensor and Filter
Oil Pressure Switch Sensor and Filter

While doing this, inspect the wiring connection of the sensor as well. A loose connection can cause a lot of errors even if the filter or sensor is perfectly fine.

2. Use Quality Oil and Filters

Always use high-quality oil and filters. In my consultancy firm, I often recommend Wix, Fram Ultra, Bosch Premium, Pure One, or Supertech filters over AC Delco filters.

Additionally, consider using 10W30 oil, especially in warmer climates, as it has slightly heavier molecules and can withstand a hot engine better.

You can use Amsoil 10W30 Signature Series and an Amsoil filter that filters 99% at 20 microns.

oil filter to use and to avoid
oil filter to use and to avoid

3. Consider Motor Flush

If the problem persists after replacing the sensor and filter, consider a motor flush.

Add the motor flush to the engine with the old existing oil, let it run for 5 minutes, then drain the oil and change the oil filter.

If you see a lot of clumpy mess draining out of the engine after adding the motor flush, repeat the process.

However, do not use Motor flush with AFM DOD as it can clog your valley plate filters and ruin lifters.

4. Replace Oil Pickup Tube O-Ring

The oil pan pick-up tube O-ring might need to be replaced as it’s a common issue. If the engine has high mileage, consider replacing the oil pump.

Additional Tips

  1. Short trip driving that does not get the engine completely warm can cause sludge buildup in the engine. Occasional use of Marvel Mystery Oil in the oil can keep the engine side much cleaner.
  2. It’s recommended to change the oil to a better brand. Kendall, Amsoil, Pennzoil, and Valvoline are suggested. Walmart Supertech is also mentioned as testing out better than Mobil 1.
  3. Another trick suggested is to add a bottle of transmission fluid when doing an oil change, as the seals will love it and the extra cleaning agents in the transmission fluid will keep everything in the engine clean.
  4. If the vehicle sits still for 5+ weeks, it might show low oil. Flushing the engine and changing the oil after the flush can solve this problem.
  5. If the problem persists, it might be due to a bad oil pump or a gasket issue on the filler tube.

Can you drive with this sign?

If the “Low Oil Pressure – Stop Engine” warning light comes on, it is very risky to continue driving. Yes, it’s unsafe.

When the warning light comes on, the engine’s lubrication decreases, which can lead to component failure. The engine needs to be stopped immediately for safe driving, ignoring the warning can cause permanent damage to the engine.

Understand that when this light comes on, you need to stop the car and turn off the engine. Try to identify the exact cause.

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