WOT in Cars | What It Is, How It Works, and When to Use It

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WOT is a technical term that stands for “wide-open throttle”.

The speed, power, and acceleration are connected with this throttle.

That means the entire car performance is correlated with WOT. However, more than the abbreviation is necessary to understand the functionalities and importance of WOT.

What is WOT and How Does It Work?

wot meaning cars
wot meaning cars

To do WOT, just push the gas pedal all the way down. This gives the engine maximum power. The gas pedal controls a valve in the carburetor, which manages the mix of air and fuel entering the engine.

Engines need air and fuel to run. The throttle is what decides how much air goes in. Press the pedal to open it and release to close. More air means more fuel burned, more energy, and more speed.

WOT happens when the throttle is wide open. This gives the engine the most air and fuel, making the most energy. At this point, the manifold vacuum is lowest, and the engine’s RPM is highest, leading to maximum combustion.

When and Why to Use WOT?

When to Use WOT
When to Use WOT

You can use WOT mostly in 3 different situations, such as:

  • When you race or drive fast, and want to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • When you pass or overtake other cars, you need much power and speed to do it safely.
  • When you drive uphill or pull heavy things, and you need extra power and strength to overcome the difficulty.

Pros and Cons

WOT has some good and bad points, such as:

wide open throttle pros and cons
wide open throttle pros and cons

Good points:

  • WOT makes your car more powerful and fast, and it responds better to your commands.
  • WOT also makes your engine work better by cleaning out any dirt or waste that may have built up inside.

Bad points:

  • WOT makes your car use more fuel and pollute more, and it is not good for the environment or your wallet.
  • WOT also stresses your engine and other parts, and it may cause them to wear out or break sooner.

How Much Vacuum Is Normal at Full Throttle?

Generally, a regular engine creates 17 to 21 inches of mercury in the vacuum.

And, when the gas pedal is pressed all the way down, like when you’re accelerating fast or towing something heavy, the vacuum drops to less than 5 in. Hg.

This vacuum changes indicating how your engine is doing in different situations.

When you go full throttle, the vacuum goes down, and the pressure inside your engine goes up.

This higher pressure lets more air get into the engine’s cylinders, and that means the engine needs more fuel to keep everything balanced.

Useful Q/A Associated with WOT

Is WOT and flooring the gas pedal the same?

Yes, flooring, the gas pedal, and WOT are the same. When you floor the gas pedal, the throttle body gets fully open, and it allows the air or fuel to be injected.

Does WOT consume more fuel when applied?

Yes, engaging WOT will consume more fuel since it allows more air to get into the engine and mix with the fuel. Thus, it burns more fuel, which leads to higher fuel consumption.

Is WOT suitable for all driving conditions?

No, WOT is not suitable for all driving conditions. You should activate it when you need more acceleration and power, such as racing, overtaking, or other such conditions. Make sure the road and weather are clean. Do not engage when the engine is idle or at lower RPM.

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