I Just Fixed “Chassis Control System Fault” on Nissan Qashqai

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You are here, which means your car is displaying the ‘chassis control system fault’ on the dashboard. Well, it’s very common nowadays in various Nissan models. We’ve come up with a guaranteed solution for the chassis control system fault warning light.

What Does Chassis Control System Fault Mean

Chassis Control System Fault Nissan Qashqai

The “chassis control system fault” in Nissan Qashqai often pops up when there’s an issue with the vehicle’s stop-start system.

This can be due to a low battery, poor battery connection, or the car not being driven enough to charge the battery fully. It mainly affects the stop-start feature and is usually not a serious problem, but it’s essential to have it checked using a diagnostic reader to identify the exact cause.

If you notice this error, it’s recommended to inspect the battery terminals first and then consult a qualified mechanic for a thorough diagnosis and fix.

Causes of Chassis Control System Fault

We have made the order from small cause to major cause. hope this helps.

1. Low Battery or Damaged battery

The “Chassis Control System Fault” in Nissan Qashqai can be triggered by a low battery. This often occurs when the stop-start system lacks the necessary power. This issue might arise from a failing battery or insufficient vehicle usage to maintain a full charge.

2. Poor Battery Connection

Another potential cause of the fault is a poor connection within the battery. If the battery terminals are not securely tightened, it can result in electrical issues, leading to the chassis control system fault. 

3. Insufficient Use

Infrequent use of the vehicle can contribute to the chassis control system fault. When the car isn’t used regularly, the battery may not receive sufficient charging, causing it to dip to low levels.

4. Exhaust Pressure Sensor Problems

Issues with the exhaust pressure sensor, such as blockages or damage, can also be a factor. The sensor is very much needed for the proper functioning of the chassis control system.

5. Wiring Loom Damage

Damage to the wiring loom, especially in close proximity to the engine cooling fan, can result in intermittent faults in the chassis control system. Over time, the wiring loom may get nicked, leading to electrical issues.

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How to fix chassis control system fault

Earlier we have discussed the causes. here’s the solution to them. In the later part of this article, you are gonna get temporary reset technique to bypass the issue.

1. Check and Replacement Battery

Begin by checking the car’s battery. If it’s the original FIAMM battery, it might be faulty and in need of replacement.

A low-quality or failing battery can often be the root cause of the chassis control system fault. Consider replacing the battery with a reliable one to restore optimal function.

2. Inspect Battery Terminal

Ensure the battery terminals are securely tightened. Loose or poorly connected terminals can lead to electrical inconsistencies, triggering the chassis control system fault.

Regularly inspect and tighten the battery terminals to maintain a solid connection and prevent potential issues.

3. Regular Vehicle Use

To prevent the fault caused by insufficient use, make it a practice to use the vehicle regularly. Regular driving or periodic charging helps maintain the battery’s charge, preventing it from dipping to low levels.

We all know regular and one hand use makes electronic items in good health.

4. Check Exhaust Pressure Sensor and Pipe

For issues related to the exhaust pressure sensor, proactive maintenance is key. Regularly check the sensor for any blockages or damage, especially in the pipes.

You can check blockage by putting a light material top of the pipe. it should be blow away any light material. You can use old bonnet cable and EGR cleaner to unblock pipe.

Do not spray excessively and after spray some cleaner wait few mins. Then, put back parts, clear any faults and test drive car

5. Wiring Loom Inspection and Repair

Inspect the wiring loom for any signs of damage, especially in areas close to the engine cooling fan.

Damaged wiring can lead to intermittent faults in the chassis control system. If any issues are identified, consider repairing or replacing the damaged sections of the wiring loom.

Temporary Reset Nissan Qashqai Chassis Control System Fault

This temporary reset can be handy if you need your vehicle to run smoothly for a short period. It’s a quick trick, but remember, it doesn’t substitute a proper diagnosis and repair.

Temporary Reset Steps:

  • Start your car and patiently wait for the error notification to appear.
  • Fully depress the accelerator pedal.
  • Turn the key to the off position.
  • Turn the key back to the on position.
  • If the fix works, the error notification should be gone when you start the engine again.

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